January 2017 Fund Newsletter

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Please contribute to the CCSF in our Annual Appeal

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Places Everyone!

Become a “THEATER PATRON” www.ccsatheatre.org by purchasing a commemorative seat plaque for someone special in your life! Your financial support will fund the continuing arts programs at Cab!

PLATINUM: $1000 contribution includes a Seat Plaque in Section B and recognition on the posted Patrons board.

GOLD: $500 contribution includes a Seat Plaque in Section A, C, or E and recognition on the posted Patrons board.

SILVER: $250 contribution includes a Seat Plaque in Sections D, F, G, H, or L and recognition on the posted Patrons board.

BRONZE: $125 contribution includes a Seat Plaque in Sections I, J, K, M, N, O, P, or Q; recognition on the posted Patrons board.

Click here to purchase commemorative seat plaques for the new theater

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For questions contact: info@cabcallowayschoolfund.org

Cab Calloway School Fund is a 501c3 and a portion of your contribution may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax adviser about the deductibility of the contribution.

Disclaimer: The Fund retains final approval on any plaque purchased, and any plaque considered vulgar, offensive, or inappropriate in nature may be denied or recalled if issued in error with refund to donor. Any message that does not conform to the specifications or cannot be engraved may be asked for revisions.

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Four Bands, Food Trucks and Fun at First CabFest

CABFEST 2015, The Cab Calloway School Fund’s first rock concert fundraiser brought four high-energy bands to the Cab Calloway Theatre and screaming fans to its audience!

Held October 2, the event headlined CCSA graduate Chad Michael Jervis and his nationally-touring band, The House on Cliff. Opening bands included Arden Kind, comprised of two CCSA students; The Subterraneans, a foursome of current CCSA vocal, visual arts and instrumental majors; and Universal Funk Order, featuring local professional musicians including a CCSA teacher.

In addition to bringing the house down at the Friday night performance, The House on Cliff also put on a master class for about 40 students earlier that day, and treated the student body to three songs during a school assembly.

Cab’s technical theater students fully produced the concert and daytime performances, handling stage management, sound and lights. It was a magical experience for performers and audience alike, who experienced the Cab Calloway Theatre in an exciting new way!

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CCSF Supports, Expands Piano and Strings Majors

The Cab Calloway School of the Arts’ piano and strings programs have grown from a minor part of the curriculum into full major programs with the support of the Cab Calloway School Fund (the Fund). Prior to the Fund’s involvement, the strings program was taught by University of Delaware students and later by a part-time teacher whose effort was divided between several district schools. Strings and piano programs were offered as majors in 2009 and 2011, respectively, when the Fund committed to sponsoring the instructional staff needed to enable full-time programs. The strings program has grown to include 107 students in middle and high school with 19 students participating in the Cab Calloway Chamber Orchestra. The piano program has grown to serve nearly 20 percent of the CCSA population. The Fund, with support from the Fan Club, PTSO, CCSA families and RCCSD, purchased a Steinway piano for the Cab Calloway Theatre to expand the theatre’s capabilities and enhance the musical experience of CCSA students.

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CabSummer: Six Seasons of Inventive Education

The Cab Calloway School Fund’s summer arts program, CabSummer, enjoyed its sixth successful season providing arts instruction to students in grades K-12, with a total of 565 children attending camps in visual arts, dance, vocal music, theater, digital media, engineering, architecture, instrumental music, culinary arts, animal science, fashion design, literary arts, and more.

CCSF Scholarships based on financial need were awarded to 71 campers, including 40 students from Title 1 schools (which have significant populations of children from low-income families). “Day in the Life of Cab” camps gave many of these students a chance to see what it takes to become a Cab student and prepare for upcoming auditions. The opportunity to have their talent nurtured is enabling a growing number of these students to apply for and earn a place at Cab Calloway School of the Arts.

Our partnership with the Delaware School for the Deaf (DSD) is also thriving. Established in 2011 with funds raised by Cab drama students performing in “The Miracle Worker,” the CabSummer/DSD initiative offers free camps to the deaf along with an interpreter. DSD students have attended 24 different camps, including hip-hop, sculpting, animation, and visual arts. CabSummer instructors have brought their classes directly to the DSD, providing arts programming to an additional 32 students.

CabSummer continues to reach out to students throughout the district, with camps held at both Cab Calloway School of the Arts and McKean High Schools. Our collaboration with the Charter School of Wilmington grows as well, and will feature a new “Day in the Life of Charter” camp in 2016.

Since its inception in 2010, CabSummer has served nearly 3,000 students. Our unique blend of arts and academics offers minds-on, hands-on learning that prepares participants for the upcoming school year and beyond. Your donation to The Cab Fund makes it all possible!

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